Postcard Follow Up

ResponsiBid integrates with mailing service companies like SendJim to help you flawlessly follow-up with your customers and help generate more leads.

Let ResponsiBid Remember For You

Set up ResponsidBid with your favorite CRM software to flawlessly follow up with your customers so you can focus your time on your business.

Custom Postcards

You can use SendJim’s postcard editor to design beautiful postcards that ResponsiBid can send as laser-targeted communication to your customers and/or their neighbors. You can change them as often or as rarely as you want because they are insanely easy to edit!

Handwritten Cards

Using a really neat technology with robots actually using pens, you can customize cards to be “hand written” with the letters all being similar but not the same as well as even the indentions of a ball point pen. It makes you look like the star without giving you writer’s cramp.

Radius Bomb Postcards

It’s so nice to be able to target the neighbors of your customers and prospects. Using the SendJim integration you can add steps to your follow-up sequences that will send a burst of mailers to neighbors of people you just gave a quote to… or just finished a job for. This is a great way to explode your reputation as well as grow your business on auto-pilot!

Integrates flawlessly with

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I don't even know how a business can run without Responsibid. 100% grateful to Cydney especially for walking us through the setup and offering amazing solutions that make selling and making higher tickets so easy!
Adam Lampley
Adam Lampley
19:39 22 Jul 24
Customer service has been on point very pleased
Christian Roe
Christian Roe
16:25 24 Apr 24
We love ResponsiBid! Makes giving quotes fast and easy.
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark
22:41 19 Apr 24

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