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Meet Our Team

When we say we understand your pains and frustrations it’s because we have been right where you are now. ResponsiBid was born on a napkin, and was started as a result of us consistently seeing problems and waiting for solutions that didn’t exist. During the creation of this company, I would go to work for 8-10 hours a day at my window cleaning business, and then come home and work on ResponsiBid for another 4-5 hours. After several years, I stopped cleaning windows as I began working with other home service companies to implement my system in their businesses, and helping them to grow and develop. We’ve never forgotten where we came from and are dedicated to improving and learning more everyday. In honor of this, we put on an event each year called the Home Service Workshop, where we have three days of working with hundreds of home service businesses to better implement ResponsiBid.

Curt Kempton

Curt got his start in the field owning and operating a window cleaning & pressure washing business. His passion for building systems had him working on and designing the early versions of ResponsiBid although he didn’t know it at the time. He has assembled a team of the most amazing people to join him on his crusade of creating the greatest selling tool for the home service industry.

Derrick Moore

Chief of Staff
Derrick is the most positive and upbeat person you'll ever meet. He keeps us all in line by making sure that Curt is on task, and that all of the team has what they need to be organized and on the ball. Derrick is married with 2 cute dogs that he enjoys thoroughly. You'll often run into Derrick at tradeshows and venues that ResponsiBid is visiting. He loves spending time with ResponsiBidders and those that are trying to get their business as automated as possible.

David Westover

Director of Customer Happiness
David started his business career in the world of medical appliances. His meeting of Curt in the early days of ResponsiBid led him to a journey of helping small business owners to automate and simplify their sales processes. David loves his family and his career. His zest for life is constantly raved about by any customers who have the pleasure to work with him. He now trains all support members to serve our customers at the highest level.

Karissa Rosen

Karissa is one of the most detail-oriented people you’ve ever met. Which is really good news for our customers because she is the one who helps and coaches our new ResponsiBidders though the setup process. Her job is to make sure that you have someone at ResponsiBid who is relentlessly watching out for you and keeping in touch as you download your brain into the software.

Cydney Sharpe

Account Trainer
Cydney is a cheerful ray of sunshine who joined our team with a passion for serving customers at a high level. Her incredible intelligence is only outshined by her humble disposition which makes her fun to work with as you get your account setup to your own specifications. She's a great listener so you will love having her as your teammate. Her infectious smile makes it so that it never feels like working when you are accomplishing goals with Cydney at your side.

Hunter Johnson

Account Trainer
Hunter joined our team to make a difference in the lives of our ResponsiBidders. He knew out of the gates that what we were building was important and put his heart and soul into everything he did to help build the company. He started as a sales rep and moved into the account trainer role where his unmatched compassion is one of the greatest gifts we can give to new ResponsiBid users as he helps them to launch their new accounts.

Brittany Sharpe

Product Manager
Brittany joined our team with a background in the service industry and an eye for building great systems. She embodies our company value “Service is the glory” because her heart is where her helpfulness comes from. She’s not just smart, she listens to our customers to help discover what features are most important to work on and to refine the ones we have. If you work with Brittany, you are guaranteed to be a fan!

Raphael Monaghan

UX/UI Designer
Raphael may seem like a really relaxed and calm guy, but based on how he solves problems, we assume his brain never rests! He leads our UX design team and helps test product ideas and come up with solutions to the hardest problems our customers face. He collaborates with the product team to cook up incredible solutions. He loves to spend time with his family in his free time.

Jon Szafran

Sales Rep
Jon is so full of positive energy, that you can’t help but love being around him. His role in the company is to help people who are interested in signing up to make sure that ResponsiBid is a good fit for them and their company. He does personalized demos of the software regularly, but he can also be found on social media encouraging others to make the steps in growing their business that has brought him personally so much joy!

Madison Papalini

Marketing Coordinator
Maddie is like a bright ray of sunshine that is contagiously funny, energetic, and fun to be around. She serves as the marketing coordinator for ResponsiBid, making sure that the world knows about all the amazing things happening here. When she isn’t managing social media or marketing numbers, she is at the gym working out, or hanging out with her sweet dog, Winston.

Janssen Balio

Dev Lead
Janssen is exactly the kind of guy you would want to hang out with on the weekend. He loves making music, hanging out with his wife, and dogs, and exploring all the city has to offer. He has a creative mind which comes in handy as he is developing in the code base, but his kind and giving heart make him the kind of guy that really makes him shine as he leads his development team through each sprint.

Hiroshi Acocoro

Dev Lead
Hiroshi is one of the greatest mixes you will ever find of goofy and serious. One moment he will have you rolling on the ground in laughter, and a moment later he will have you deep in thought solving the most difficult of problems. He enjoys free diving in the ocean and pushing his limits on discovering the whole other world under the sea. When he's not diving he's probably learning a new skill.

Arvin Mendoza

Project Manager
Arvin manages all the work to be completed by the development team from bug fixes to feature improvements. He works closely with the business team as well as the developers. His attention to detail is a critical personal trait, although he might be best known for his awesome smile and great attitude. Arvin's biggest inspiration is his grandfather because of his wisdom and hard work ethic.

Emmanuel Tierra

Architect / Engineer
Emman is a deep thinker who does a great job of looking at the entire big picture. The dev team in general loves when he reviews their code because of the extra insight and high standards he measures them against. Emman loves good food and coffee. Adobo and Beef Caldereta are some great choices as long as the rest of the dev team doesn't steal it away first.

Rommel Penaflor

Dev Ops / Engineer
Rom is a quite mannered family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and young son. But underneath that quiet exterior he has a way of keeping those around him having a good time. At ResponsiBid he keeps an eye on all of the servers and manages the uptime and roll-outs to make sure that our customers have the most positive experience possible.

Ron Mercado

Sr. Engineer
Ron is a powerful force at ResponsiBid. He is so fast at finding and fixing bugs that he has earned the nickname of "Batman" by his peers, but his good nature usually plays it off like it's no big deal. When you fist meet him you might think he's very quiet, but for some reason everyone around him is usually laughing at his jokes. Ron also enjoys cycling and eating good Sisg.

Ivan Marquez

Sr. Engineer
Ivan is usually smiling, usually because he has just made the whole room laugh. His is the most upbeat guy you could ever meet and his zest for life is truly fun to be around. He is a major contributor to the new functionality coming out because of his deep knowledge of the ResponsiBid codebase and architecture. Ivan's biggest inspiration is his mother and we can't help but think she is super proud of what he has accomplished.

Adrienne Arcilas

Front-End Engineer
Adrienne has been such a great member of the team. When she first came aboard, she was an intern that had been working in the medical field. She was so coachable and teachable that within the first year she was able to grasp a great knowledge of front end frameworks and started building components like a factory. You will see a lot of her work in the interface that our users work in every day, with her immaculate attention to detail.

Michael Isip

Michael comes with a wealth of knowledge in the world of clean coding standards and deep attention to detail. His internal clock is a work of art, because it doesn't seem to be driven by the sun or the moon, he seems to be driven by code and the task at hand. He's a great team player who does a great job of documenting the code base as well as knocking out tickets as fast as they can be assigned to him. In just a short time he became a critical developer.

Lorraine Decoy

UX Designer
Lorraine is an absolute joy to be around. She has an eye for art, and she knows how to make real fun. Her ability to be organized taking in many ideas and judging how to best help a customer is truly an amazing mix of talent and skill. She fits in well to the company culture as she is always learning and growing while fostering a sense of family and support with the rest of the whole development team.
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I don't even know how a business can run without Responsibid. 100% grateful to Cydney especially for walking us through the setup and offering amazing solutions that make selling and making higher tickets so easy!
Adam Lampley
Adam Lampley
19:39 22 Jul 24
Customer service has been on point very pleased
Christian Roe
Christian Roe
16:25 24 Apr 24
We love ResponsiBid! Makes giving quotes fast and easy.
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark
22:41 19 Apr 24

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