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& Online

Ensure accurate pricing for your services with our advanced quoting feature. Whether you're quoting in-person, over the phone, or online, rest assured that your jobs will be priced appropriately every time. Explore our Pricing Guide to master the art of setting fail-proof prices and take your business to new heights of success.

Amanda O'Reilly
Zen Cleaning Services
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My company Zen Cleaning Services yyc started with ResponsiBid January 2023, since then, we have noticed an increase in new clients. Out clients are still able to contact us by phone to recieve quotes, but those who prefer online quoting are now able to easily access our pricing and booking through out website. Overall, I feel that ResponsiBid is an excellent addtion to my company and has defintetly inreased our sales.

Automate Your Bidding, Scheduling, & Follow-Up

Once a bid is given, ResponsiBid nurtures your leads and allows clients to schedule a service based on your availability and create a follow-up sequence no matter what stage your customer is at. Automatically follow-up with all customers in all phases of the buying cycle via email, text, phone, or postcard.

Anthony Arias
Arias Exterior Cleaning
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The real question is why did I wait so long to start using ResponsiBid? It’s worth it’s price just for the professional presentation, but the follow-up is where the magic really happens. If I could go back in time, I would’ve started using this years ago. Thanks Karissa and Hunter for all your help getting set up

Increase Your Average Ticket

Unlock the power of profitability with our Packages and Bundles feature. Elevate your pricing strategy by showcasing the value of bundling multiple services together with ResponsiBid. Encourage customers to schedule additional services at once, driving up your average ticket sale and maximizing your revenue potential.

Ashley Maharas
Wash Masters LLC
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Best software to use! It’s great for pairing with your CRM as a sales tool for increasing average tickets and closing rations, as well as holding complex (and easy) pricing structures for an easy to use pricing calculator for your sales team.

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Maximize Your Profits with Smart Service Bundling

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