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ResponsiBid helps home service providers close better deals with less effort.

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You can customize ResponsiBid to give your customers the ultimate buying experience from you, but also give you and your staff the ultimate selling experience.

Give Your Customers the Ultimate BUYING Experience

ResponsiBid allows you to simply enter in important job details of a job you’d like to quote, and then it will be converted into an amazing proposal that will help customers to not only get accurate pricing, but also see why your company is worth spending more because of all the value you provide. Your customers will be able to see videos, package prices, and so much more so that they will stop shopping and want to start buying… from you!

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Give Your Company the Ultimate SELLING Experience

All of your sales staff (and even techs!) will be able to confidently give pricing without forgetting to charge for necessary considerations. Your leads will remain organized, followed up with, and connected to your invoicing & scheduling software (CRM). You will know that within just a few minutes of working for your company you could trust any employee to confidently give great quotes while never losing a lead through neglect.

Give Quotes in Person

ResponsiBid is a tool that can be used out in the field to make sure all of the job specifications are collected and recorded, then generating impressive proposals that can be shared with customers. Your office will always be in sync with quotes given in the field, and your quotes will never end up lost on the floorboard of a work truck.

Legitimize your sales process.

Close more deals with way less effort with ResponsiBid.

Give Quotes over the Phone

If you decide that giving quotes over the phone is part of your sales strategy then you can use the call screen inside of ResponsiBid to make sure that every question you need is asked and that the process will flow freely as conversation takes its twists and turns. No calculators, and no miscalculations. No matter how new your receptionist is, they will be able to give out accurate and compelling quotes so that customers can chose you right away!

Give Quotes from Your Website

ResponsiBid’s sales process is so smooth that you may choose to install it directly on your website. Website visitors will have the opportunity to interact with a form right on your website that collects all of their personal information that you require for a quote and then once you have them locked in as a lead, it will then share your packages and pricing. Since it uses all of the same sales funnel as your in-person quotes, you won’t have to worry that just because you are out of the office or closed for the day that anyone will get neglected. ResponsiBid will continue to use your process to close the sale in just the right way… Even if you’re asleep!

Follow-up That Engages

You can use the follow-up templates already in ResponsiBid or customize it for yourself, but all of ResponsiBid’s follow-up is designed to keep your customer engaged by preemptively answering common questions and nurturing prospects and repeat customers alike to take the next step in doing business with you. ResponsiBid will allow you to send as many emails, text messages, post cards, or voicemail drops as you you see fit in your customer journey.

Scheduling Superpowers

You already have a scheduling software, right? But you have to have a PhD in scheduling to be able to place jobs efficiently for the right crew on the right day with just enough time. Well, ResponsiBid connects to many of the industries Calendars (including Google Calendar) to take out the last piece of headache that keeps willing customers from making it onto the schedule. ResponsiBid’s CrewCal Technology will read your calendar and offer you the best suggestions on when to schedule the job for the right crew with the least amounts of drive time.

Customer Self-Scheduling

You probably think that letting customers schedule themselves on your calendar is a horrible idea. And normally it would be. But with ResponsiBid you can turn on a feature that not only lets customers pick which services they want from their proposal, but also allow them to choose from a simple date and time picker that only allows them to make selections for crews that are capable of doing the job with absolute minimal drive time. This feature alone has made many business owners cry tears of joy!

Legitimize your sales process.

Close more deals with way less effort with ResponsiBid.

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